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Comcast Is Raising The Prices On TV And Internet Customers

Comcast was going to be raising prices on TV and internet customers in December. Now Comcast has confirmed the price improve that can go into effect. 

Rising programming prices — most notably for broadcast TV and sports activities — proceed to be the largest elements driving worth will increase for all content material distributors and their prospects,” Comcast mentioned in an announcement despatched to MediaPost.  “Whereas we soak up several elevated programming prices, they have a major influence on the price of our companies.”

With this worth hike beginning on December 18th, 2019, Comcast prospects will see the charge on Broadcast TV go up from $10 a month to $14.95 a month. The Fundamental TV bundle will be growing from $30 a month to $35 a month, and the internet will be rising on most plans $three a month. (The one exception is Gigabit Professional, which can stay $299.95 a month.)

Comcast web customers may also be seeing a value hike. Beginning on the 18th of December, web prospects will know the price of its modem and voice tools improve by $1 a month to $14 a month. The excellent news is you can buy your modem and never pay Comcast $14 a month or $168 12 months for the privilege of renting their tools. Different charges are additionally going up. The Returned Cost Payment can be growing by $10 a month to $30.

The excellent news for twine cutters is that you’ll save extra now than you probably did earlier than this value hike. Sure, the worth of most web plans goes up by $3 a month. However, that’s lower than the $4.95 a month price hike on broadcast TV alone.

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